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The idea of working from home and the reality of it can be very different, especially if you don’t have a sacred workspace.

Maybe you successfully maintain a (mostly) paperless office and so, once the kids are off to school in the morning, you set-up shop on the kitchen or dining room table or even the sofa.

Sometimes you like being in the center of the home, near open windows, the phone or the teapot, but other days it can be tough to take your work seriously, especially when you’re searching through files stacked ever so neatly away on a dining room chair.

Perhaps you have an actual home office with four walls, but just like you, this space is always multi-tasking. During the holidays, your office becomes your mother-in-law’s bedroom and you sacrifice your workspace to make her feel warm and welcomed. When friends stop by, you quickly stash all the stray toys and unfolded laundry in your “office.”

Maybe your office is the sunny room where the dog or the cat likes to sleep, leaving tumble-weeds of pet hair rolling across your keyboard. Or it’s a cramped attic space or basement that you take that over. You ignore the grim lighting and bare walls, just grateful that you have a space that no one else will invade.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a full-time parent just starting to build a business, or a motivated entrepreneur with a growing practice and a big vision, you deserve to have a dedicated workspace.

I believe that your home office, whether it’s a corner of your apartment, a spare room, a basement or attic, is a sacred space.

We all struggle with work/life balance, but it can be particularly challenging when you’re tripping over Matchbox cars, accepting packages for your neighbors or tolerating drop-in vis-its from family and friends who simply don’t think working from home is a serious thing like working at a more traditional office place.

When you are in the tender early stages of your business, it’s easy to doubt yourself. Having a sacred workspace helps you draw the appropriate boundaries to keep you focused and growing.

Your office should hold you.

Catherine Avery

My office is a sacred space that holds my experience and service to the world.

Your work is the synthesis of your experience, education and service, all of which you must value, honor and cherish. Even if your work isn’t generating much money right now, you are still worthy of a sacred workspace that has been designed to inspire and nurture you.

Virtual Home Office Consult and Design Strategy

You’re a creative soul and you did amazing things with that tiny studio apartment you lived in a decade ago. But now that you have a real home, a spouse, pets and kids running around, it’s a little tougher to carve out a sacred workspace of your own. Advice and a solid plan-of-action from a professional interior designer would help you work wonders, but given your small budget and the fact that you also need to buy a few new things to shape your workspace, this kind of guidance seems financially out-of-reach.

I’ve been in your shoes and I know the tremendous value of professional interior design practices. In service to you, I’ve created this extremely affordable Virtual Home Office Consult and Design Strategy.

Together, we will co-create your sacred workspace via Skype.

Here’s how it works:

  • I send you a questionnaire to learn more about your challenges and desires. Then we have a half hour Skype session to see your space and evaluate your needs and wants for the design.
  • I also send you an easy to use measuring template and instructions, which you implement and then return to me.
  • Based on our conversation and the space details, I design a customized space plan/drawing showing the exact placement of the furnishings in your office.
  • You also receive a design mood board that shows suggested color, furnishings, décor and accessories.
  • Once you’ve reviewed all the details, we’ll have a follow up half hour Skype session to refine your design and answer any additional questions.

“Before working with Catherine Avery, my desk space felt chaotic and out of place. I work from home and with our family of 3 living in a 2 bed-room/2 bath condo there just isn’t space for me to have private room for my office, so my desk is in our living room. And as you might imagine, that alone can make things crazy.

Then I worked with Catherine.

Via Skype, she took a tour of my living room and came back to me with an amazing mood board that provided ways to blend the decor of my office with my living room.

The 3 most significant improvements to my space are that it functions better as an office, blends in with the rest of the room, and when I’m working in the office, I no longer feel distracted by the rest of the room.

These have already resulted in increased productivity and more clients thanks to her and her process.”

Jen Levitz, Connect With Your Client
Ventura, California

“I LOVE IT!!! I had no idea what was available to me, on a small budget and to fit my space/needs.

Looking at this (design board) already makes me feel energized and ecstatic about spending time in my office!

You’ve helped create a space that feels both calm and refreshing!

Thanks, Catherine!!”

Star Staubach, Ignite Radiance, Lexington, Kentucky

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Catherine Avery!!! You are brilliant and it was an absolute dream working with you!

Paul and I were completely STUCK trying to figure out a space plan for our last minute office makeover. We had been cramped in this horrible office for 12 years and with the HUGE opportunity to completely redo the entire room, but only 4 days to get it done, we had NO idea how we could fit differently into this space and up-level the office experience all in a way that truly reflected who we really are and gave us a fun, productive and amazing place to work every day!

Not only did you deliver a BRILLIANT solution for us, but you did it in 48 hours! We LOVED your space plan. Your layout is the idea that we never would have thought of and it is perfect!!! Our biggest challenge was HOW to situate ourselves with eve-rything we needed and you solved that!

With your plan, we did the shopping all in one day and came in UNDER budget.”

Stacey Martino, Love and Passion Coach, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

In-Person Consult and Design Strategy

If you work within a 45-minute drive of Fairfield, Connecticut, we can work together
in-person to completely transform your workspace in just half a day.

  1. Before our day together, you will fill out a customized questionnaire so that I may arrive with a developed plan and do basic de-cluttering so we can go right to work.
  2. We will move around your furnishings, reorganize your bookshelves or desktop to refresh and transform your workspace.
  3. Then we will “shop” your home for any special pieces that would help bring your office to life.
  4. I make suggestions for online or local shopping for art and accessories that fit your personality and the image you want to convey about your brand and business.
  5. By the time we leave you have a redesigned and re-inspired office space.
  6. After our day together, I’ll send you a shopping list to address any ideas or challenges we encountered.

“You understood that I wanted maximum results from a small budget and you worked hard to do exactly that. I love what you designed and was thrilled to have the extra guidance in actually finding the furniture and accessories for me so that I didn’t have to work so hard to do so.

Not only that, you wouldn’t leave my home until we had made a significant dent in the transition so we packed up and de-cluttered the space so that by the time you left, it had already undergone a transfor-mation.”

Laura Campbell, Transition Strategist
Woodbridge, CT

“It was such a joy to work with Catherine redesigning my art studio. I had tolerated an overflowing, disorganized and cluttered space for way too long and it was negatively affecting my desire to be creative in my studio.

Inviting Catherine into my space encouraged me to start letting go of things I no longer needed and she was so skilled in designing the space so it is now organized, spacious and beautiful! She gave me a list of things to do after she left so I could continue the improve the space, including bringing in plants, creating a beautifully decorated bulletin board over my desk and hanging prayer flags to separate the studio from the garage.

My art studio feels transformed and I am now excited to create my art and tools for self-nurturing in my studio. I even have invited clients out to my studio which never would have happened in the past! Thank you so much Catherine for your amazing expertise, loving support and helpful accountability!”

Kelley Grimes, In Truth and Beauty,
Carlsbad, CA

When I first spoke with Catherine about my need for some help in sprucing up my cluttered and uninviting home office, I was under the impression that hiring an interior designer would be out of my budget. Boy, was I wrong! Not only did Catherine provide me with a great office redesign…her services were well within my budget.

In fact, working with Catherine probably saved me time and money, as she was able to envision the end result without all the trial and error that I would have gone through for furniture placement!

Catherine and her assistant came in and in one half day created amazing results! My home office is no longer the walk-in junk drawer it was before… catching all of the misfit items from around the house. Catherine created a dedicated work environment that is relaxing and fits my style. My office is now clutter free… brighter, inviting, and inspires creativity! Thank you Catherine!

Robin Miller Dann,
Studio G Danbury, CT

Do you have questions? Connect with me for a 20 minute Skype or phone call on my calendar: Virtual Tea.

I look forward to co-creating a sacred workspace with you!



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