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Your home can be a place of Zen for you quickly and easily.  Really!!!


Feng Shui is one tool that can help you achieve the effect you want because it’s principles are around putting yourself in a Zen place.


Believe it or not, every single household or decorative object in your home is just as imbued with life energy as the natural wonders beyond your front door and it has a scientific basis for it.


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Bringing Feng Shui in the home does not ask you to

  • throw out all your furniture,
  • renovate your home,
  • or move to new living quarters.

Similarly trying to fix everything at once is a recipe for confusion and chaos.


Feng Shui is all about the connections and energy flow between objects and people, so proceed gradually, in stages, testing out how each small change influences the Chi of your space.


The beauty of Feng Shui is that it suddenly makes visible to us all these things in our home or home design that we have been living with for years, and that may have escaped our notice.


A Feng Shui house is a house where any change that you make, any cure you introduce into your home or home design is a conscious and deliberate action that you have taken specifically with the intent of improving your life.


When you get the insight into what is Feng Shui you are able to balance the negative energies of the elements that may be present in the objects of your home with using Feng Shui in home design. Similarly practicing Feng Shui in home using color and other enhancements allow the positive Chi to flow through your home, leading you to a better and happier life.


I invite you to opt in below for my series on the Bagua and strategies you can implement today to create changes in the feeling of YOUR home using Feng Shui .


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