Interior Designer Interview: Catherine Avery


How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be an interior designer?


I was always the girl with her head buried in a book. Far preferring to be silently transported on vast adventures who knows where from as young as the age of four. The moment I figured out the written word a whole new world opened to me. I was so shy that I didn’t know how to fit in with my peers, who I found all a bit too boisterous and loud. Though I really was not much of an athlete, I loved cross country running, hearing the sounds of the dirt or the gravel or the leaves crunching beneath my sneakers. I recharged by being alone.

When I wasn’t reading I was constantly creating – making furnishings for my Barbies out of any old boxes or scraps of fabric – concocting entire worlds of imagination. I don’t remember a time I wasn’t fascinated by how things were built – whether it was surreptitiously climbing around a recently framed in house guessing which rooms were which or standing at the back door watching the workmen build the pool in the back yard (conveniently I was sick from school that week) to being mesmerized by the faucets and vanities in the huge hardware store, huge at least to my five year old eyes, that we visited on an occasional Saturday. Now as a parent, I wonder how my parents survived me!

Flash forward a few years… With an MBA under my belt, I worked in marketing and branding on Wall Street. My first “office” as a marketing manager in an international division of a huge insurance company was the standard cubicle – bland, boring and worst of all noisy. It was located next to the copier/coffee room and the assumption was that I could be interrupted frequently throughout the day to fix the copier, find supplies or, to add insult to injury, make coffee. At the time, I did not even drink coffee. My dream was an office of my own and when I got it, even though it was located way off the beaten path, I was ecstatic. My productivity jumped dramatically.

After over ten years on the street in a post 9/11 world, I realized I was ready for something different. My friends thought that I had a natural talent for design and that I should turn my weekend hobby of renovating condos in Manhattan and flipping them into a more lucrative career. I enrolled in a drawing class in the Interior Design program at Fairfield University and was hooked.
After several years of studying for my Professional Certificate in Interior Design and simultaneously working for a well-known local interior designer, I struck out on my own. For several years, I focused on designing everything from living rooms, kitchens and baths to full home renovations and updating home offices.

My commercial design epiphany came when a good friend and business associate asked me to take a look at her office lobby. She thought it needed some updating. As soon as I stood in the space, I could see in my mind’s eye how we could reflect her company’s brand through the interior design of her space. In that moment, my corporate and design worlds collided. I realized that designing commercial interiors was my calling.

I am passionate about creating spaces for small to mid-size businesses that enhance their productivity and improve their bottom line. My ideal clients are concerned about providing a healthy, effective and efficient work place for their clients and employees, while ensuring that their corporate brand image is reflected throughout their office space.

What is your big why?

Resovate Interior Design is passionate about helping our clients improve productivity and increase profitability through the design of innovative and creative environments that resonate with your clients and employees.

We believe that it’s not just about your design, it’s about your business. It’s about creating a functional, productive, harmonious experience that leads to the success and well being of you, your clients and your employees. We collaborate with you to design to your needs, wants, and most importantly to your aspirations.

With over ten years of experience on your side of the desk, we understand that you have a big vision for your company. We honor your time and investment and we can’t wait to help you leave a legacy for your community, nation or the world.

Who are your clients?

Our clients:

  • Own small to midsize offices (50 or fewer employees) with a focus on the well-being of their clients and employees.
  • Are looking to grow their business.
  • Are interested in providing a top notch experience for their clients and employees.
  • Communicate their desires and needs while providing valuable feedback.
  • Have a clear vision of where they want their business to go or are willing to work with a branding company to determine that vision.


I have worked with people just like you in private practice or other small business offices, who excel at what they do but need guidance in setting up offices that are effective and efficient while reflecting their company’s personality and brand. Our clients have included: investment management, legal and graphic design firms, yoga studios, non-profit, dental and psychotherapy offices.

What if you haven’t yet worked as an interior designer in my field?

Not to worry. I have often worked with clients in similar fields and with similar needs. Most likely, your competition’s office design is simply status quo which is not enough to generate top notch productivity. Right now, you have a unique opportunity to shine. Your redesigned office space will stand out in the marketplace.


How are you different from other interior designers?

I choose only to work with small to mid-size businesses and sole practitioners, who are interested in helping others. Whether my clients are doctors and non-profits or family legal practices and financial managers who help divorced women, they all focus on making a positive impact on the well-being and lives of their clients. This means you have my full undivided attention and will never have to worry about me being unreachable with a large project in the big building down the street.


Do I work with you or someone on your staff?

We are fully staffed and able to take on a project of any size. I am the lead interior designer on any given project. All design work and decisions are ultimately made by me.


How do we communicate with you?

I can be reached by email, phone or skype, whichever mode of communication best suits you.


What if I have a great idea at 3am?

We all seem to have our greatest ideas in the middle of the night. Nothing could be more exciting. Please don’t call as we all need our sleep in order to be fully productive the next day; however I encourage you to send me a detailed email, which I will gladly read and respond to during the next working day.

How much is this going to cost?

Because each project is so unique, we have no set pricing or packages. When you hire us, you retain the services of a professional interior designer. There are many factors that come into play with any given project and these factors are as individual as each project is. We will discuss these issues when we meet. We will work together to achieve the best possible result within your budget.

What results can I expect?

Ultimately we want the same results. We want to create an appealing, effective and efficiently designed office that reflects your personality, brand and vision while increasing employee productivity and generating an increase in client-driven revenue.


What type of professional is not a good fit for Resovate Interior Design?

As I mentioned earlier, we only work with small to mid-size businesses so that we can keep a fluid, transparent working relationship. We prefer to work with businesses that are serious about branding and the well-being of their clients and employees. If you are unsure as to how to get started we will happily guide you. If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Together we can find a solution to your needs.

How to contact us

Catherine, based on everything I have read and heard about you, I know you’re the interior designer I want to work with. What are my options for getting started with you?
Please use my scheduler to set up a complimentary half hour phone conversation: Virtual Tea.


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