Feeling Drained? It’s Time for a Vacation!

April 10, 2018

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We are just back from a relaxing week of vacation in Jamaica – land of rum, jerk pork and no problem mon. When I was very young, my grandparents had a house in Jamaica. Somewhere in my subconscious memories, Jamaica is my third home (right after Fairfield CT and Fenwick Island DE). We love it there.



Vacation! It’s one of the simultaneously happiest and stressful words if you are a solopreneur or small business owner.

How will I get it all done before I leave?

Who’s going to take care of everything while I am gone?

But I promise you can prep and get away no matter how small or new your business. In fact, you absolutely must unplug for your well-being. Here’s how I get out the door and off to adventure.


Brain Dump


The first step: Braindump everything you want to accomplish before you go away. Everything is more manageable out of your head and on paper. I am a huge fan of brain dumping. I have pages in notebooks with these lists!

You can set yours up however you like. I like to categorize mine into three columns.
Personal: pay bills, get cash, empty fridge, pick up snacks
Pack: t-shirts, swimsuit, sunscreen, hat, passports
Business: write ezine, finish up client presentation, email clients dates away
Now go through those lists and cross out the ones that can wait until you can get back. The others, well, you just start cranking them out and crossing them off your list. Be sure to schedule your time to include packing and running those errands. I won’t lie, I work my tail off the week before we go away, but it’s
completely worth it.


Set the Auto Responder


You’ve let your clients know that you are away; now set an auto-responder for your email. I put something standard – no one needs to know exactly where you are – and I always include a point person in case of emergency. So it will read something like “If you must absolutely speak to someone in my absence, Sacha can be reached at x email address.” My clients honored my time away. I didn’t have one urgent email to respond to all week. Set the expectations and the boundaries. You’ve got this!


Be Open to Inspiration

My creativity is always ON and especially during vacation. I love learning about new places, seeing different cultures and experiencing the local food. I ate jerk chicken or pork nearly every day in Jamaica. I bring a small notebook to jot down ideas and I take lots of photos with my iPhone. Isn’t it amazing that we no longer carry bulky cameras on vacation!?!



Unplug – Digital Detox


My iPhone is with me for photos, but it’s off except for WiFi access from the hotel. That’s right I don’t receive or make ANY phone calls while I am away. I checked my emails once in the morning and once before dinner. That’s it. It was heaven. The best part is outside of the hotel building itself there was very limited WiFi access. Great! Don’t fret – just unplug! The digital detox will do wonders for your health. You will feel more creative and open to your surroundings. You will be able to be more focused on the moment. And you will feel more enthusiastic about getting back to work. I know I have been firing on all cylinders since I got back.



Have Fun!


That’s what vacation is all about. I learned quite a bit but I also just hung out on a float in the lazy river (rum drink optional) with my family and friends. We laughed and played and pretty much skipped adulting for a week. We had a blast with our kids, don’t get me wrong. But we also had lots of time to just be.
Enjoy your time – all of it. We don’t know how much we have.


While I am waxing philosophical…

I would love for you to join me and the wonderful group of Positive Living Forum (thanks Donna Vella!) for ‘No More Waiting for Dreams: Five Lessons from my Cancer Journey’ on Wednesday, April 11 at 7 pm at Le Pain Quotidien in Stamford, CT. I will be sharing what I learned as I tapped into my inner badass to take on cancer and live my best life. If you haven’t found your inner greatness yet or if you have and just want to hear my story, come on down.

To Your Success!


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