Do you really know the importance of setting goals?

December 14, 2017

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The importance of setting goals

As the new year is right around the corner It becomes ever more important to stress setting goals. You can’t move forward in life without knowing what your goals are.

You may feel setting goals is a one way street to anxiety hotel. I know I can feel that way. It doesn’t have to be so; goals are meant to propel you forward. Start small.


Try setting goals that you can achieve in a week. Then aim for a month and shoot for bigger and better goals. Having a reason to wake up every day will push you to be more productive and enjoy life more.

Use the G.P.S system

Trust me you don’t need your smartphone for this one. I’m not referring to the Global Positioning System, I promise! Actually the GPS I am talking about stands for Goal, Purpose, Steps. Let’s take a look at what that means.



Start off by identifying a clear, realistic goal. The goal may be a long or short-term one. A successful goal needs a well-defined target date and a realistic time frame to complete it. Having a date and time of completion increases your motivation and decreases your tendency to procrastinate.




Understand why you are setting this goal and what you want to achieve. What is the value of the outcome? Are you undertaking this goal for yourself or for others? Visualize yourself at the endpoint. Find that emotion and that desire to follow through and don’t let go. When you give purpose to your goal, you are making a firm statement to never give up.


Once you have found your purpose and have set your finish date it’s time to break it down! First, find a method of information retention that best works for you. You want to aim for something that you will see almost every day. Some people like a paper calendar, others use an online calendar. I have determined the steps of a launch by using sticky notes on a whiteboard. And of course, my favorite (and free!) project management tool is Asana.

Next, break down your goal into stages. Take note of each thing you need to learn or accomplish to achieve your goal. Set smaller goals for each milestone. By chunking your goals into smaller more manageable pieces, your success becomes more likely.

Identify obstacles and plan for them!


No goal is without road bumps. That’s part of the journey. Try to predict where obstacles will most likely present themselves and put some backup plans in place. A well-laid plan can produce the most fruitful results. Life can bring up the unexpected and, while it won’t necessarily be something as intense as cancer, even the flu can lay a family low for a week. How you grow from those experiences and use them to honor your values is what matters.

We all want to be successful in our own ways. While that may look different to just about everyone, setting goals and working towards them and surpassing them is what keeps life moving forward.

“ Never give up never surrender”


We are now booking clients into January 2018. If you are considering a Productive Environment for your office as part of your new year’s plans, be sure to contact us to get on the calendar.

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