What does a Productive Environment look like?

November 2, 2017

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What does a Productive Environment look like?

While I can’t recapture time, what I do is designed to liberate the time currently being lost. Time that is spent navigating an unproductive environment and turning it into a productive situation.


What does a productive environment mean?

I’m throwing around big words here, but the concept is simple enough. A productive environment is “an intentional setting where you can accomplish your work…” (Barbara Hemphill)

I’ve spent years in the interior design space and helped countless businesses improve their office environments, productivity and profitability. I had a process but not a tried and true system. So I ‘went back to school’ in a certificate program with the Productive Environment Institute.


The 5 Steps to Productive Environment

I work with you in 5 steps:

  1. Problem
  2. Partner
  3. Possibility
  4. Plan
  5. Productive Environment

(AKA The 5 P’s of Productivity Environments!)


Let me take you through what I do with my clients.

We start by assessing the problem with your existing environment. Why do you feel it’s not working for you?

Are you…

  • Overwhelmed, stressed out, and buried under mounds of unorganized files?
  • Does no one in the workspace know where to find anything?
  • Yearning for a quiet spot in the office all your own?
  • Uncomfortable with outdated or unstylish furniture?

These are just a few of the many problems a productive environment can address.

Once we know the problem, we can begin partnering on the solutions. I meet with you (and or your team) in a live (or virtual) environment and we discuss solutions. Usually, this involves a Productive Environment day to sort through the mess and fuss.


Think it takes more than that?

In most cases, you are right. One day of some productive filing won’t fix all that ails you. Sometimes a Total Office Transformation needs to take place, and that involves a one-on-one partnership. This can be beneficial for those who are looking for the extra support.

The idea is to delve into the possibilities:

What’s your vision? Where do you see yourself going? What are your goals with your newfound productivity?

The direction you take with the countless possibilities you have, allows me to shape an environment designed to nurture those goals. Pretty cool, huh?


All you need is a plan.

After assessments and discussion, discovery and development, all you need is a plan. What I do is work with individuals and companies to develop the plan that will change everything for them.

The plan enables you to achieve the productive environment. This is the last step and the key to unlocking your business potential and peace of mind. I empower individuals with finding systems (not filing), teach them the principles of File, Act, Toss (video link), and get hands-on to help you achieve more.

THAT is the productive environment process.

Do you feel your environment could stand to be a little more productive? Give me a shout, I’m here to help.


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