What Signs are You Missing in Your Life?

July 27, 2017

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On Thursday, I took a day to envision my business at Patty Manning Lennon’s Dream and Vision Workshop.


As entrepreneurs, we have to step away from the day to day, to zoom out so we can see the bigger picture.


As we sat down randomly that morning, we found a different Earth card and crystal at each seat.


My card was Communion (with an Eagle) and my crystal was Amazonite. Amazonite is the stone of Hope. Ironic, right Patty?, as I mentioned that the signs she kept seeing for hope were about inspiring hope for us.


The Communion card was about communing more with nature. I realized that beyond a little weeding in my garden, I haven’t spent nearly enough time outdoors this summer.


Before lunch, Patty gave us an assignment – to be open to seeing the signs that are always around us.


It was hot and muggy out, but I made my trek out to the garden of Ann’s Place, a nonprofit center for families on the cancer journey. I have no photos because I chose not to take my phone with me. Then I would have been communing with all of you instead of nature.


Just beyond the paths, the grasses and plants were teeming with activity – ants, beetles etc.


I walked the labyrinth which reminded me that getting to center isn’t about walking a straight line. I love the meditative aspects, energy and design of labyrinths.


Then I chose a bench to rest on. I gently gazed on a group of tiny daisies that I thought were white and yellow. Ends up the ‘white’ was the palest lavender – beautiful. There were ants and beetles marching up and down the tree and the nearby plants.


Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something flying. I shifted my gaze. It was a dragonfly. This has been my summer of dragonflies. I don’t recall ever seeing quite so many. The dragonfly is symbolic of change, self-reflection and being/living IN each moment.






Message received… or so I thought.


I walked back to the lower level door which I could not open. I confess I felt disappointed to have to walk up the exterior stairs and through the parking lot to get back into the building, thinking that somehow that would diminish that spiritual feeling of being in nature.


Dragging my feet, I started up the path to those stairs when who should appear again but dragonfly. I laughed at myself and followed the dragonfly with delight up the stairs. Halfway up, she continued on her way having accomplished her mission.


As I entered the portico of Ann’s Place, I discovered two pots of herbs that I had not seen upon entering that morning. I had missed them because I was distracted instead of in the moment. There was a sign in the pot ‘Touch me’, so I did. The rosemary scent stayed with me for the rest of the afternoon.


If I had gone in the lower level door I would have missed that experience.


What signs are you missing in your life?



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