What to do When You are Overwhelmed by Your To Do List

July 13, 2017

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Here in the States we recently enjoyed a long weekend celebrating the Fourth of July though I confess that I worked on that Monday. I promised myself I would take all of Tuesday off so we took a family day trip to Litchfield. We visited the Litchfield Historical Society and the Tapping Reeve House and Law School, the first law school in the United States. After lunch, we watched a pet parade then took the long way home around Bantam Lake – scenic and we avoided holiday traffic.




To do lists can get out of control and fuel feelings of overwhelm. As busy business owners, the work never seems to be done. But there are projects that must get completed to move your business forward.


Some time management ideas.

Before you even check your email, determine the three things you must absolutely get done today. This will force you to prioritize your time. I learned this from Rich Gee and practice it daily. It’s a game changer.If at all possible, don’t check your email until 11am. Start one of those 3 priorities before you get swept into other people’s emergencies.


Batch similar tasks.

I take care of all of my invoicing and bill paying two days per month – the 10th and the 26th. I find those dates work best with the due dates for my bills. Your dates might be different. I saved a client’s employees over 10 hours per week by rethinking the filing process at their office. Her intern now does the filing every Friday afternoon.



Time is Money!

Take advantage of the in between times.

Have people with whom you would like to connect? Make a small folder with the business cards of the contacts, stamps, notecards and envelopes and carry it with you for those times when you are waiting to pick up the kids or meet with a client.

Divide your days into client days and strategy days.

On client days you are working in your business. I line up all of my client calls and/or meetings on to Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Thursday. If I have a client meeting near New Haven or Stamford, I add a networking coffee just after. Wednesdays are my business strategy days, where I work on my business. I do a deep dive into project work such as updating my website or creating a new service. Fridays, I catch up on client work, have my mastermind group call and organize my office so I have a clean slate on Monday.

Use a project management software.

Overwhelm can be reduced by using a project management software to schedule your tasks and communicate with your team. I particularly like Asana, which is free. I will send out a promo about Asana next week.


Are you interested in learning more about designing your space and your days to maximize your productivity and reduce overwhelm?


Leave your questions in the comments below!

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