Are You a Filer or a Piler?

June 29, 2017

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This past week I was on a working mini-vacation in Fenwick Island, Delaware, where we are building our dream home.


While our daughter enjoyed the sun, we spent time choosing the fixtures and finishes for the house.

blueprints   samples


While easy to select features to suit my clients, I find it’s tough to make these choices for myself. Knowing my organisational style does help to ease the discomfort. For instance, I know that I am a piler by nature.


Pilers need to see everything out on their desk. They swear they have everything in order and know exactly where each piece of paper is. And they might…


But researchers at the Princeton University Research Institute have indicated that at a neurological level a cluttered environment leads to a confused mind.




If you are a piler too, you work better by using vertical file folders – the magazine files shown above are an example. I label mine and keep them inside of my console, which means that the only papers I have on my desk are the ones I am working on right now. When I need my financial file I pull it out and work from it. I know I can swivel my chair and put my hands right on that important paper – it’s not hidden away in a file at the back of the drawer.


Another strategy for pilers is to keep a large (3″) folder by your desk with your client files. Mine is sitting on the far side of my desk so I can see it at all times. I can just grab the folder, place it in my laptop case and run out the door to my meeting. I keep a spare business card holder in there too – just in case!


What about you? Are you a filer or a piler?


Leave your type in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.


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