How do you plan to break the cycle?

February 2, 2017

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Do you remember the movie Groundhog Day?


The premise is that the day will keep repeating until Bill Murray learns how to become a better person and finally pull himself out of this crazy repetitive cycle. The irony lies in how closely this can relate to both work and real life.


How can we better ourselves to move forward in business and as people? Without getting political, it’s worth considering this question today now more than ever.


The client story I want to share with you this month is uniquely suited to the Groundhog Day story. He helps people with counseling and exercise to break the cycle and become their very best selves.


Total Self Counseling & Fitness relocated and then renovated their new commercial space in the heart of midtown just steps from Grand Central. Jeff Fine brings a unique and brilliant approach to therapy, recognizing the importance of the mind-body connection. It was an honor to work with him to create this unique space for healing.


The company required a waiting area for 4, a private bathroom with a shower, an extra office for another like-minded professional, and a large open but private office space with a workout area, a desk and a seating area for 8 for group therapy and a comfortable spot for Jeff’s pup.


The goal was to use his existing furnishings and gym equipment in order to focus his budget on the renovation. We chose soothing but warm colors and artwork with a zen feel to provide a healing environment. Lots of natural light and plants warm the space and bring the outdoors in, providing an escape from the concrete jungle.



Jeff said the following about the experience of working with Resovate Interior Design:

“Catherine was responsive, proactive, and respectful of my budget. She helped choose paint colors, carpet, and guidance with layout, all while working with my existing furnishings. She also caught a major architectural design flaw where the bathroom closet was being built on the wrong side. She researched and sent me links to products that made choosing one easy and stress free. My brand image is much improved in my new office space.”


You deserve an office space that is amazing as you are. What are you waiting for?




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