5 Ways to Show Gratitude All Year

November 29, 2016

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Recently, I was out for my very cold gratitude walk as the snow gently fell. I did something a little different and walked my friend’s Great Dane. Starting the morning being present and in gratitude sets the tone for my entire day. And walking with this very large pup added some hilarity believe me.



Today, I thought I would share a list of ways you can show gratitude to your clients and employees during the holidays or year round.

  1. Gift cards – Gift cards are always appreciated and something people can use.  If you don’t know of a favorite place that they love to shop or dine, sending a Visa card allows them to choose. I am also a big fan of  Tweet a Coffee. You set up your account with Starbucks and then send a coffee gift card via Twitter. Brilliant.

2. Donate to a favorite charity – Often in conversation with people you will find out what they are passionate about and if they have a favorite charity you will be sure to find out because they will tell you all about it.  A great thank you to this person is sending a donation to the charity in their name.

3. Bonus prize to top performer – Your staff works hard on your behalf so give an incentive to the top performer and give them a travel package for a long weekend getaway.  To make this really effective before sure it’s an extra day or two off not part of their current vacation time. This has high impact, pushing everyone to perform at a higher level. After all, other employees will realize they could be the winner the next time. And of course that top performer will have some well-earned time off.

4. Show up with lunch and provide a free Q&A – What employee doesn’t love a free lunch?  Now, they don’t have to run to the local fast food joint or eat last night’s leftovers.  It’s even better if you deliver it yourself and give them a free Q&A session. My clients love this. It does wonders for team building and know, like and trust. This is super effective if you can surreptitiously find out their favorite local take out place.

5. Personalized Thank You Notes – In the age of texting and emails, a personalized hand written thank you note goes a long way.  It shows you care enough to take some time out of your busy schedule to write them a note and mail it out to them.

I would love to hear what you do to show gratitude to your clients and employees.



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