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October 5, 2016

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Did you know that 8 out of the 10 people sitting around you at work are just collecting a check and don’t even want to be there? I contend that a well-designed workplace can improve employee morale, communicate corporate culture and promote health and well being. Imagine if 5 out of 10 people were happier and more engaged at work? What would this do to their productivity and ultimately to your bottom line? Something to think about…



Meanwhile, last week I had the opportunity to work on a second project with my client, Dawn Reshen-Doty of Benay.

I bumped into her several weeks ago at her company’s wonderful 30 year anniversary party and she mentioned that she is moving offices. Having helped her with the design and space layout of her former office, she wanted me to help with the new office space.


I walked the space with her last week (I am always so happy walking through a construction site!) and saw some of the concerns they had. But before I share those, let me say how excited I am that my client is moving to a much better location with off street parking, a beautiful lobby and more services all around. She has a conference room twice as big as the last one. I am thrilled for her. Now I am sketching out the layout of her space (as shown in photo above).


So the challenges –


  1. Her biggest challenge – her company is growing and already space is getting tight. Together, we discussed how she could take two open spaces as cubicle areas – two people per space – for her interns and additional growth.


  1. Filing – accounting firms still need lots of space for paper. She had already created 2 filing areas. One of the filing areas would have made the hallway too narrow. This would have been a fire code violation. So I found some better spaces for the additional file cabinets


  1. Her staff wanted me to show them each how to layout their offices to meet their individual needs. I was flattered that they remembered my doing so for them last time. Working with each of them one on one was a pleasure.




I visited the office on Monday and they are moving in. The waiting area was set up and each employee had their desks and filing cabinets in place. More on relocating your office in the next e-newsletter.




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