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August 23, 2016

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August is National Peach Month. You may not be aware that much of the Northeast is without peaches (nectarines and plums too) this summer due to the ice storm the first weekend of April. It seems like a very long time ago but local farmers remember. We have been fortunate to have regular shipments of peaches from my parents in Delaware. Each week they head out to their local farmers market and next thing you know we have a box at our doorstep. Heaven! Don’t even talk to me about back to school – replants head firmly in sand…
Earlier this month, I met with April Gregory of Impeccable Future for an Inspired Design session.

What is Inspired Design you ask?

It’s the first step I take with my clients to kick start their vision, so their space can create a positive experience and they can expand into their future. But back to April’s home office.


Challenge 1 – Lack of Storage

My client, April, is growing an amazing marketing coaching and consulting firm from her tiny home office. Like so many of my clients, her frustration and lack of storage options meant that the office felt even smaller due to the stacks of paper etc around the room. She was considering moving to another room, including the attic. But she does not want to give up that stellar backyard view from her desk.

This sound like a clutter challenge and it partially is. But April’s biggest issue is a lack of good storage.

I discovered a door to a closet off the office entry. While it was shallow, it was nearly empty with only one shelf and a clothing rod. It was definitely not deep enough for clothes. And it was one of those old fashioned closets where there was 2 1/2 feet of inaccessible area behind the wall. I love rethinking wasted space!

Solution 1 – Add Shelves to Closet

I started measuring and came up with a plan for her carpenter to install shelves. That should take care of most of the paperwork and office supplies scattered throughout the office. Just knowing that she breathed a sigh of relief.


Challenge 2 – Books

Her current bookshelf is overflowing and taking up valuable floor space, closing her in at her standing desk. No wonder she feels cramped and moves to her kitchen table to work!

Solution 2 – Reuse the dead space behind the wall

I drew a quick sketch for the bookshelf area with some basic dimensions for the contractor who will create a recessed bookshelf in that dead zone area.

I can’t wait to see the final results and share them with you!

Here’s what April had to say about the experience:
“Working with Catherine has been a treat so far. Talk about creative. Catherine’s creativity turned on and solutions antenna went up the minute she walked in! My office is a challenge in that it’s small (because we took a third of it to expand a pocket bathroom) leaving us with enough space for an oversized desk, 3 book shelves, and one printer stand. Catherine immediately solved my two biggest problems:
1. Space – she found empty closet space that wasn’t being used – can you say built in book shelf?- yay! Side benefit – removing the bookshelf gives me a creative space with a whiteboard to brainstorm my clients’ marketing launches.
2. Style – We’re bringing in the bling with a chandelier. Oh yea! There’s too much to list but my two biggest issues are solved. Thanks Catherine!”

For April, Inspired Design was about hearing that she wants to attract more salon owners as clients into her business. Her office will reflect that with a glamorous white desk, a bling chandelier and other accessories. April Gregory knows that she is going places!
You can too. I would love to talk to you about an Inspired Design for your home or office. Schedule a call with me!

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