Brand, innovation and bulk? or there must be a better way, Restoration Hardware

June 5, 2014

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So at last I received it. It came so much later than our other friends that I thought I would be the one person in Fairfield to escape unscathed. But there it was – the seventeen pound glossy monster of catalogs from Restoration Hardware lying there on my front porch. Yes they are printed on recycled paper. And they seem to look nice. But I am making a statement by immediately throwing them into the recycle bin unopened. Because the only thing I want in bulk any more is toilet paper and fiber.

RH for blog

So Restoration Hardware, it’s 2014 and we live in the digital age. No I am NOT a Millenial. I am a Gen Xer, in fact all the way on the side of damn near a Boomer. Yup that half decade mark is looming large. And I find your use of this much paper and energy, because a truck had to transport that monstrosity to my house, to be appalling. Holy carbon footprint!


So I design and brand spaces. I help companies think of ways to have more productive processes in the office. I look for ways companies can reduce paper by going to the cloud for example. I look at the world through the eyes of design. of business. of brand. of better ways to be good to our environment. because I have a passion, maybe we could even call it an obsession, to improve our world of work for people through design of their space.


I am a small business owner and even I am cloud based, so if I can do it… And I am ALL about pretty photos of rooms, design, furnishings and fixtures. I’m a designer right? You know we need our fix of pretty. But I do all of my research online now. And then I shop in person, so my client can sit in the chair and determine if it’s comfortable enough.

USB flash memory in hand thumb drive

So just thinking out loud. What if Restoration Hardware sent me a thumb drive filled with all of those beautiful photos? Wouldn’t that weigh maybe a pound? And it would surely have to be less expensive to create than 12 four color catalogs, right? And it would cost much less to ship. You can even put your logo (brand) on the thumb drive. I know this because at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair last month, several companies handed me their thumb drives with their catalogs ON them. Oh what a joy to look at all of those beautiful furnishings, fixtures and tiles on my computer!


Think how I would feel about Restoration Hardware if you did this! I would be so impressed by the forward thinking of your company. In fact, I would even open that package, because it would be so small I would be so curious to see what was inside, kind of like a Tiffany blue box. And just imagine if I, a nearly boomer, am blissed out by this idea how your future shoppers, the Millenials, are going to feel about your brand.


zappos culture brand differentiation


That  would be innovative, environmentally friendly and there could even be Zappos style videos showing some best ways to utilize the furnishings. Talk about brand differentiation!


Hmmmmm…now that’s a marketing initiative I could get behind.

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